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You can either prepare the shipping documentation yourself or have your shipping agent arrange it for you. In most cases, the following is necessary:
Special Note:
Effective on May 6,2000 US Customs will no longer accept notarized copies of the titles for export customs clearance of used motor vehicles. U.S. Customs will now require the actual original title of the vehicle or a certified copy of the title. The certified copy of the title has to be certified by a Government authority that it is an authentic copy of the original title.
In the past customs has accepted three (or five) notarized copies but due to their belief that some of these notarized copies may be easily forged they want to have the originals.
Additional information about this can be obtained from the Dept. of the Treasury of the Federal Register of April 6, 1999.
For the Port:
  • 6 copies of the Dock Receipt that should specify the year, make, model, serial number of the vehicle plus the carriers booking number, vessel name, port of loading and port of discharge. It is prudent to attach a copy of the title to each copy of the Dock Receipt.
  • The ORIGINAL title (or Certificate of Origin if it is a new vehicle) of the vehicle that must be submitted to US Customs at the port of export.
  •  If there is a lien on the vehicle an original signed letter from the lien holder must also accompany the Title when submitted to US Customs at the port.
  • 3 copies (back and front) of the title (or Certificate of Origin) in case needed by Customs
For the Carrier:
  •  SED Shippers Export Declaration (US Customs government form) must be filed via AES before the sailing of the vessel from the port.
  •  1 master of the Bill of Lading for the carrier For the shipping agent you use:
The shipping agent will handle all the documents mentioned above for you but you will need to give the shipping agent some information so that they can prepare the above. You should also give them copies of the title plus your name and address that would be shown as the SHIPPER on the carriers Bill of Lading, the address you want the shipment consigned to overseas. You will also need to declare a value of the shipment.
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